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February 14, 2018



The most romantic day of the year has arrived! What makes Valentine’s Day incredibly special is the glowing blush on your beloved’s cheeks as you tell her how much you love her. Imagine if she blushed every moment of her life. In the world of flamingos, that’s a magical reality.




Flamingo couples celebrate not just Valentine’s Day, but all other days of the year, with a romantic ballet on the waters. They prefer a sunlit breakfast over a candlelit dinner. The shimmering waters offer an unlimited spread of fish. Yet, the appetite for love is insatiable, especially when one’s heart yearns to experience romance in its most exotic form. It is worth enduring leech bites in the dense forests of Thattekadu.


Srilankan Frogmouth


All the pain is forgotten when a bunch of dry leaves metamorphosize into a male and female frogmouth which stubbornly sulk at each other, yet team up for a food hunt at dusk. They camouflage themselves, yet they cannot camouflage their love, which escapes through a squawky duet.


Crimson Rose Butterfly


Romance blooms even amongst the tiniest of creatures. Spring brings a profusion of flowers that attract flirtatious butterflies. Their dance of romance makes your heart sing. You might just spot an inseparable pair of Crimson Roses fluttering and hovering in mid-air. If that sounds straight out of Wonderland, you are Alice. To embark on many more magical adventures  trails, write to the askthebirdman@gmail.com


Photos by Siluvai Amalan


Content by Siluvai Amalan & Niranjani Ravi

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