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February 11, 2019



I was on a nature trail and bird-watching tour to one of the romantic getaways in India. It is situated in the lap of the Jade mountain ranges and the gorgeous valleys. Coorg is covered with coffee plantation carrying the tag of the Great Scotland of India.


Coorg is one of the most beautiful, serene spaces for wildlife enthusiasts too. I was invited by one of the coffee plantations which is sandwiched adjacent to the woods. I walked along the Jeep trails were the grasshoppers and skippers were jumping in joy of my arrival. The coffee flowers were yet to bloom. The smell of mist and jungle Mynas chorused and all these added exuberance to my inner self.


Plum Headed Parakeet (Male)


Plum Headed Parakeet (Female)


Curious, I peeped through my lens to get a chorus jungle Mynas and Babblers. While I was searching for them amidst the canopies, from the distant, I heard a subtle long whistling tone from the trees. It was so crystal clear, that the call was from the Mr. Plum Headed Parakeet (male) it must be passing a signal to Mrs. Plum Headed Parakeet. On curious, I concentrated; focusing on my third eye, the canopies to see the red rounded plum and grey-headed (female) to get the instant clicks. To my delight, they were hiding behind the canopies and exchanging the love bites.


Romantic Couple


The romance flourished between Mr. and Mrs. which indulged in a lot of mischievous play. The female plucked the flower in her mouth has a token of acceptance of the male’s courting ritual. He responded swiftly and flew with twists and turns perched next to her. They exchanged the love sights and crypto tones, it must be a love proposal and expression where the Mrs. got flattered at the proposal note. It just went the one-wing distance and turned back with a love bite (lip-lock for Parakeets). This courtship continued for 5 more minutes and perched on the other branch. I was watching the complete episode of the intimate relationship behind the tree. Though, it seems to be sarcastic. I counseled myself that nature is the best teacher in the universe.


Photos and Content by: Siluvai Amalan

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