It was a misty day as I walked towards the church’s grotto garden. I heard the starlings jingle which emptied my mind of all worry,  bringing a fresh day.

As I passed the garden, there was a conspicuous Pink Butterfly tree in all its glorious full bloom and it’s sweet fragrance was scented the air near the tree. The morning sunshine shone from heaven and glowed like a Magical Golden flower shown in a Disney’s Tangle movie. I closed my eyes and felt the sunshine on my face and let the comforting fragrance fill my lungs.

Loten’s Sunbird – Male

Joan Gideon Loten – Dutch East India Governor – Ceylon (1710 – 1789)

I lost my zen moments when I heard the distinctive chirp of a majestic male Loten’s Sunbird. The name Loten, was named after a Dutch East India Company Governor who served in Ceylon (Present Sri Lanka). His remarkable contribution to Natural History made him a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Butterfly Tree Flower

Butterfly Tree Flower – Golden Magical Flower 

The Loten Sunbird’s curvy beak is designed to sip the flower’s nectar without trouble. It taught me a lesson to carry my own straw and avoid the plastic straws. So, I awarded him a “Best Eco-Friendly Bird” and signed him for a #BanPlastic ambassador.

Content and Photos by: Siluvai Amalan