About Me

Welcome to The Birdman.

Siluvai Amalan has two great passions. The first one is branding. He has over 13 years of rich brand-building experience with the finest MNC branding agencies and creative boutiques in Chennai. His portfolio consists of global brands of motorbikes, motorcars, FMCG, fashion and pharmaceuticals.

During weekends, he focuses on his other passion – nature expeditions. He can identify over 300+ bird species, 100+ butterfly species and several native plant species. He adopts a sustainable living and organic lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s use of the Earth’s natural resources. It is often called as “Earth Harmony Living”.  All his expeditions contain a minimal carbon footprint. So far, he has covered more than 40 domestic and aborad nature expeditions and guided trips(on request). He is also known as ‘The Birdman’ and he promotes sustainable living products in www.thebirdman.in

Note: All pictures and words are my own unless stated otherwise, please don’t use any content without permission.