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June 3, 2018



There are fairies on earth. They flutter around flowers and tempt you to touch their vibrant wings. Butterflies are magical little creatures make your heart go pitter-patter. I looked forward to meeting hundreds of these beauties at a butterfly walk. Armed with my Canon SX 60 HS, I stepped through a giant butterfly. Sounds like Alice’s wonderland?


Twenty Winged Visitors of Chennai


This video is on nature’s winged visitors of Chennai. There are more than hundreds of butterflies. I’ve selected commonly sighted butterflies from my photo album for your visual treat.


Isn’t it incredible that every butterfly has a unique wing pattern? The wings cleverly attract the opposite sex and simultaneously confuse predators so that they’ll leave them to their private world. I half-heartedly bid goodbye to the winged wonders and flew away to my world.


Do join me when I fly back to the Butterfly Park or a bird sanctuary. Drop a hello at askthebirdman@gmail.com or call +91 9790721279


Photos by Siluvai Amalan | Content Written by Niranjani Ravi & Siluvai Amalan

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