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May 18, 2017



The World Outside My Window is Ruskin Bond’s book, which captures the interesting facts of flora and fauna in Indian peninsular. This book takes you to the little world of nature from a firefly insect to the great tall trees grown in the Himalayas. I bought this from Amazon online store at a good discount.



About the Book: This book is a handy guide for who is interested in exploring the natural world. It covers flowers, insects, butterflies, birds, giant trees and wildflowers in the Himalayan range. There are totally 3-chapters and 256 pages.


“The wonderful world of insects”

One Spot Grass Yellow Butterfly


In the first chapter of “The wonderful world of insects” vividly described on beautiful descriptions and lifestyle are elegantly captured. It takes you to the small world of butterfly and its successful transformation, bright & shimmering dragonfly, the secret behind the firefly luminous, brightly colored ladybird, hard-worker honeybee, miniature & giant insects, insects great concert during the monsoon session, delicacies ants, fearful scorpions, and spiders. There is also a poem on butterfly and firefly.


“Birdsong in the mountains”

(Malabar Whistling Thrush) Photo by Sunil Singh Meharban


The second chapter named “Birdsong in the mountains” classic collections of bird’s behavior, unique calls, bird’s city life. How he created a bird bath in his premises and enjoyed, colorful birds inside the city, birds roosting in the giant Small tree branches, playful squirrel with a fluffy tail and upside down honey bee colonies. The calls and behavior of nocturnal birds, birdsong in the mountains, and in last a lovely poem on Himalayan Whistling Thrust in the name of Whistling school boy and his fruitful calls.


“The loveliness of ferns”

Trees in the Mountains


The last chapter of “The loveliness of ferns”, he describes the Coconut tree’s origin and different tales of homegrown stories and usage of the tree. Different varieties of trees found in the Himalayas and its usage. Beautiful group of Ferns, an instant appeal of Cacti & succulents in any garden, a fragrance jasmine, usage of flax fiber for textile fabrics, Diya shaped and poisonous glory lily, life-cycle of water lily and other wildflowers near a mountain stream with a signed off “All is Life”.

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